So aDarable



You guys. I don't talk about kids stuff a lot around here because I don't have kids and sometimes that feels a little weird/creepy/S.O.S I'm a waiting adoptive parent, however this was just too awesome to not tell you about. I am crazy excited to introduce you to aDARable. A brand new, super chic, childrens clothing line ethically produced in Haiti. Currently their pieces are pre-order and will be ready in the Spring...just in time for Easter! And I know ya'll mamma's spend a lot of money and time thinking about Easter dresses. How about sharing some of that shopping fun purchasing an item that is not only incredibly cute but beneficial to Haitian women by providing them with a new skill set and a fair trade regulated job! The only thing I don't like about this line is that it doesn't come in my size. Check out the oh-so-touching video above and visit their site today. Congrats aDARable!