Today we're happy to welcome back Noonday Collection ambassador Elizabeth as she shares with us her favorite new pieces from Noonday & some tips on thoughtful living.

When I opened my box of brand new samples from Noonday Collection's Fall/Winter line, I immediately fell in love with a handful of things.  Each piece provides sustainable income to people living in poverty all over the world and tells individual stories of hope and redemption!

The Delta River Bangles are carefully crafted in Vietnam out of water buffalo horn.  They are soft, light and delicate -- perfect for creating a signature Noonday Collection "arm party!"
This Bukenya Fringe Necklace is a surprise favorite; I did not think I would love it so much!  It's extremely light weight (the beads are made out of paper in Uganda), very comfortable and layers well with denim, stripes and prints.  

The Blanco y Negro scarf, made from 100% alpaca, is fully traceable including where we source, what are in the products, and who actually hand knits the items.  This geometric, show-stopping scarf was hand knitted in a small co-operative in Peru.

The Modern Angles Necklace and matching earrings have all the ambassadors squealing...literally!  These are gorgeous in person and tell such a beautiful story of upcycled artillery in Ethiopia, providing work and life-saving medication to widows and their families.

In addition to your new ethical and fabulous jewelry, here are some other ways to incorporate thoughtfulness into your lifestyle.

1. Consume less.  Recognize the difference between wants and needs.  Our consumerist society blurs these lines and we need to fight it.  We don’t need anything that was produced by slave labor, especially considering there are so many ethically-produced options.  

2. Embrace thrift stores and hand-me-downs. Purchasing second-hand clothing/shoes/etc. is better than new because it lowers the demand for new, cheap products. We vote every day with every dollar we spend, because how we spend our money communicates our values.  Plus, think of what you can do with the money you are saving!

3.  Refuse to support companies with your purchases unless they are ensuring healthy work environments and fair-trade practices.  

4.  Research.   Read articles, research ethical corporations and share your findings!  You don’t need to start from scratch, though.  Pinterest has a plethora of fair trade resources where other people have already done the searching.

5. Encouraging the church to evaluate their spending habits. I'm talking fair-trade chocolate at Halloween, ethically-produced summer camp t-shirts, etc.  Imagine what this could communicate to our kids and our families and the WORLD.


Elizabeth writes more about fair trade, poverty awareness, social justice and faith on her blog: www.elizabethbricknell.blogspot.comFollow her on Pinterest and Instagram for more ethical fashion posts. Shop Noonday Collection at any time by visiting Elizabeth's website:  (please select "Elizabeth Bricknell" as your ambassador on the check out page)

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