Fashion Fair: Catie

Fashion Fair is a series of guest posts featuring style and insight from thoughtful fashion bloggers. Today I'm happy to introduce you to the oh-so-cute Catie of Fair Trade Warrior.

 20130816_Fashion Fair_Catie_01

When Dominique first asked me to write something in response to “Thoughtful fashion is…” I was a bit stumped. Not the kind of stumped where nothing comes to mind, but the kind of stumped where you have so many thoughts racing around your head you just can’t pick the right ones.

Thoughtful fashion is taking just ONE second to think. All you need is one second each time you buy a new bag, slip on some heels or pull on a shirt. So many of us just snatch up cute stuff from store racks without a second thought about who made it, what conditions they worked in, and where they are from.

For me, thoughtful fashion is just taking a small step towards bringing awareness to the people who are making my clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is encouraging others to incorporate Fair Trade, organic and ethically made products into everyday outfits. Whether I am just wearing a pair of Global Girlfriend earrings, or my Sseko Designs sandals, I know that each and every day I am supporting hard-working artisans in countries all over the world.

Think when you buy. Educate yourself. Be a sustainable consumer. Shop organic. Think when you get dressed. Educate others. Be an ethical consumer. Shop Fair Trade.

But most of all, just be thoughtful. 


Photo Credit: Cici Cheng

Catie is wearing Mata Traders Juniper Jumpsuit

See more of Catie's cute fair trade looks on her blog and instagram.