Pillow Power



So I went to Target the other day and wanted to buy every other pillow that I saw there. Not really because they were cute but because we don't have pillows on our couch and it was feeling like a 'need'...because you know, pillows are essential...and...

So  yeah, decorative pillows are in no way a necessity and are most definitely something worth planning for, saving for and purchasing ethically. Here are some thoughtful options that we are liking. My favorites are 1 and 2 but pillow 5 best matches our decor. Which ones do you like?

1. Connected Goods Rope Tie Dyed Pillow Cover

2. Proud Mary Grey Dot Pillow - I can say with complete sincerity that I like every single item on their website. stunning textiles. 

3. Serrv Circle Flowers Pillow

4.Oimei Akha Soul Pillow -  Oimei specializes in pillows. Lots of tribal print options.

5. Greenheart Shop Stripes Handwoven Pillow

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