Palm Springs

20130709_Palm Springs_01

Last weekend we went on a mini vacation to Palm Springs. Ironically it was the hottest weekend we've had in a long time and the temperature reached 120 degrees on Saturday!! Have you ever been in that kind of heat? It's almost hard to understand. Anyways we stayed at this cute hotel called The Saguaro. It's brightly painted and perfect for relaxing on a budget. They have a great pool with a pool party going on during weekends through the summer. We aren't party'ers by any stretch of the imagination so I was a little worried that we were going to experience something similar to a frat party at my dorm pool in college. Thankfully it wasn't like that at all and we had a really good time. We liked the attentive but non-pretentious staff, the huge brightly colored room we stayed in and El Jefe, the killer bar in the hotel with hands down the best nachos I've ever had in my life. The two types of nachos are the Ignacio and the Incarnacion...triple points for making me think about Jack Black in stretchy pants while I'm enjoying lunch. Hilarious. If we had little kids that wanted to swim all day it might have been a let down because I wouldn't necessarily want my kids hanging out at a pool party with a bunch of adults, but if you're looking for a cheaper 'non-kid' getaway you should check it out. 

Our quest for a lawn flamingo ended at Party Lab where, much to our surprise, we found pink flamingos that were made in the USA! So clearly we purchased one and placed it in our garden at home. Because that only makes perfect sense.

For our last breakfast we visited Norma's at The Parker Hotel. When my sister comes to Palm Springs she stays at the Parker because that's how she rolls and she recommended we check it out. Wow. Just wow. This is one stunning hotel and if you are in the mood for a very grown up and luxurious stay I can't imagine possibly having a bad time. I just wanted to sit in the lobby for hours so I can't begin to imagine what the rooms are like! We grubbed on the Waz-za waffle which is essentially a fruit filled waffle with a creme brule-esque custard on top, and some bacon and eggs. Most definitely in our top 5 breakfast experiences. When you sit down for breakfast they bring you a freshly made "smoothie shot" which is just a really fun idea. There wasn't an empty seat in the place so make a reservation or get their early to explore the hotel.

On our way home we visited the Cabazon Dinosaurs to pay homage to one of my family's favorite movies Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Everybody has a big but. Let's talk about your big but Simone.

Such a fun weekend. If you visit let us know what you love and offer suggestions to other travelers in the comments below!