A few weeks ago we asked people to send any questions they had about thoughtful living our way. I also asked a good friend and fabulous writer (hey Mallory!) to give us some insight as to how this blog could be better used. The responses we got were wonderful but one question that came up over and over was "where CAN I shop?!" So instead of reinventing the wheel we decided the best way for us to do this is to use a forum like pinterest to share with you. On our pinterest boards you will find hundreds of items organized by category to help you streamline your shopping. One thing that's a tiny bit annoying to me about pinterest is that sometimes you'll find something you love but when you click through to the website it doesn't exist. To combat this we've made a commitment to monthly going through each and every item to ensure that it's still available and deleting bad links or products that no longer exist. Finally, beginning next week we will have a board called "SALE" where we will keep an up to date collection of various sales going on with the brands we love so you can shop ethically while also shopping on a budget.

So what are you waiting for buddy! Join us on Pinterest !