The Essentials Kit: Summer Shoes

20130617_Summer Shoes_01


In starting a series about building an ethical wardrobe it seemed weird at first to start with shoes, but the more I thought about my own shopping habits the more it made sense.  An ethical wardrobe focuses on quality over quantity and currently my shoe choices reflect the opposite.  

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Right now I'm somewhere around 25-30. Shoes, like cheap shirts, are one of those areas where I can tend to buy just because. Because it's friday, because they're on sale (can we talk about the clearance rack at DSW?!), because I'm on my period, because I don't have a pair of green boots, because my husband and I are going on a date, because my husband and I got in a fight, because they make my giant feet look know what I mean?

To jumpstart the series and my personal journey I compiled a short list of some of my favorite casual summer sandals. When taken care of, these well made shoes will last you a long time and with a teeny bit of creativity a few pairs in basic colors should work for all your summer shoe needs. Basic browns, black and nudes WILL NOT EVER go out of style. I'm no Rachel Zoe but I think I can make that statement with full confidence. Sure it's fun to have crazy colored shoes but at the end of the day what we are looking for is something in a neutral color with a classic style that can work in variety of settings. Which ones are your favorite?

1. Nisolo Sandi - a casual, comfy classic for everyday fun

2. Everlane Summer Sandal - just a perfect shoe from a basically perfect company 

3.  Plumo NYX Sandal - fancy, and yes, gold counts as a neutral you little diva

4. Swedish Hasbeens-  "so right now" and ethical at the same time. BAM!

5. Nisolo Roxana Sandal - dress this up or down, it can work for everything

5. Konjo Sandals- buy these instead of those piece of crap plastic ones from Old Navy. Your feet and your conscience will thank you