Fashion Fair: October Bly

Fashion Fair is a series of guest posts featuring style and insight from thoughtful fashion bloggers. Today we are happy to introduce you to the lovely October from October Rebel.

20130527_Fashion Fair_October Bly_01

"Thoughtful fashion is your personal style – a combination of the things you love to wear that make a statement about who you are. It required some thought develop your personal style. At first, maybe thethings you loved to wear overwhelmed you and suddenly your clothes were wearing you. Or maybe your fashion sense was too safe, and you decided you wanted a little excitement in the way you dress. Either way, after careful thought, you built your wardrobe into a collection of clothes that highlight you and what you have to say to the world. Or maybe I should say you are building your wardrobe, because this is evolution – an ongoing process.

But there's another element of thoughtful fashion. Thoughtful fashion is curated from brands that give people a fair shake. Thoughtful fashion can be made under fair trade practices, or made domestically -when there are good laws and regulations implemented to protect garment workers. Thoughtful fashion can also be second-hand - from a charity shop - reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a good cause.

Thoughtful fashion benefits you. Being on a tight budget, I was an opportunist shopper – buying the cutest things I could find only during really good sales. This resulted in more of a crazy quilt than a wardrobe. There was intuition but little thought. Now that I try to be a thoughtful shopper, I have to plan. Ethical fashion can be more expensive (though not always) and can be harder to find. With planning, I dress a lot better, and consider clothes an investment rather than a disposable thing. Because of this my personal style has developed, and I plan on never returning to the crazy quilt."

Dress: Mata Traders // Tights: American Apparel // Swedish Hasbeens: Zappos // Scarf: Sugar Magnolia, Raleigh, NC