[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQITJPPN7NU?feature=oembed] 

In my real life job I have the incredible honor of working with Veterans. Almost daily I hear stories of their sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice of the men and women who served with them. My job has given me a new appreciation for the holidays I used to only value because it meant I got an extra day off. This weekend we visited The Annenberg Space for Photography to view their current exhibit WAR. It's not easy to watch but it is powerful. The Annenberg is a hidden treasure of Los Angeles. It's completely free, $1 to park and I think it's my favorite museum of sorts in L.A. The exhibit is open through June 2nd, and it is also open today. 

On a related note make sure you reach out to any families you know who've lost a family member in service. I know it can be awkward and we don't always know what to say but it is so important to let them know that their loved one is remembered and their sacrifice is appreciated.