Shells for Wells

20130413_Shells for Wells_01

Last year I had the incredible opportunity to travel along with my husband on a trip to Sierra Leone. The purpose of the trip was to produce a video for a ministry that provides clean water and eyeglasses to communities in Sierra Leone. Another member of our team had been to the country before and had an idea to start a business called Shells for Wells. The shells are harvested by people in a village called Ronurie from giant snails (which are eaten). The shells are then brought to the U.S, sanitized and filled with gorgeous low maintenance plants. All of the money from these unique plants goes directly back to the people of Ronurie for them to use for well maintenance and other community needs. It's rare that we get to meet the people who produce and benefit from the things we buy so I'm really honored to be able to share about this project with you. I think the shells would make a great housewarming or hostess gift. We have ours on a desk at home to remind us of the people of Ronurie but I might steal it and take it to my office so I can see it all day. 

Below you can learn a little bit more about the project, the powerful impact of clean water and meet some of the beautiful people this project benefits. 

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