Coachella clothes (no, you can't be naked)


IT'S HERE! We hope that those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets to Coachella this past weekend had a great time. For those of you going this weekend here's a little outfit inspiration. Stay safe, cool and not on drugs kids. 

Toms Sandela Plum Sunglasses

Invisible Children Liberty Tank

Reuse Climate Shorts

Hearts Guatamala City Crossbody

Reef Guatamalan Love Sandals - hoping to see a lot more of these types of collaborations. Go Reef! 

Looking for some sweet tunes for your Coachella 2013 mix tape? Have a listen to "Coachella" from one of my favorite artists ever, Brooke Fraser. Yes, the song is kinda old but so am I so deal with it.