Freedom & Fashion Recap









 I had a great night at the Freedom & Fashion Runway Show. There aren't many opportunities to see ethically made and fair trade clothing in this manner so this type of event is really needed. Some of my favorite looks came from Indigenous and Della. After the show there was a bazaar where you could purchase some of the items used in the show and it was exciting to get to interact with so many great brands up close. I got a chance to talk with the lovely artist of Feliks+Adrik and drool over their jewelry and finally got to see some gorgeous Nisolo shoes in real life. The biggest bummer about ethical fashion brands is that they aren't easily attainable. Of course you can check things out online but sometimes you can't really get an idea about what something is gonna be like until you see it up close. I think that's why events like this are so important. Thank you freedom and fashion team for putting on a great event. Looking forward to the next one!

Thank you Kyle and Chaniece for the great photos!

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