Let's Trade: Body Wash

20130304_LetsTrade_Body Wash_01

I think body wash is one of those indulgences that I've justified for quite some time. Yes, I am aware that I could buy 6 bars of soap for $1 but it wouldn't allow me to feel like I've stepped into a summer cabana, wintery forest, autumn glen or any of the other adventures Bath and Body Works has been taking us on for decades. I was really happy to make this trade because it is such a good example of how simply being mindful of how we spend our money changes things. This everyday shea body wash by Alaffia is incredibly moisturizing, smells delicious and promotes gender equality and fair pay to women in Africa. Now instead of just smelling good my body wash is DOING good. 

The best part about the trade

I really like the pump and the big bottle. But my favorite part is the price. This is another sacrifice free trade when it comes to cost, once again proving that shopping ethically is totally affordable!

The hardest part about the trade

The scents are limited in stores. This vanilla mint scent is soooo yummy but I would like to have other options. I'm sure you could find tons more scents online at Alaffia and other retailers but if I'm gonna slather something all over myself I wanna smell it before I buy it. Do I need 35 different scents to chose from? Absolutely not, so this really isn't a big deal but I thought it was worth mentioning since I did think about it.


quick tip: Use scents like lemon or mint if you're a morning shower person and lavender if you're a shower before bed person.