For Orphans and My Future Children

WARNING: this post is not about shoes, makeup, hair, food or pinterest. If this is not okay please turn back now. You have been warned.

In the last two months due to drastic changes in a few countries many adoption agencies have closed their doors. In the last five years international adoption has been on a strong and steady decline.  But before the policies, politics and problems one thing was certain; there were and still are millions of children around the world who are suffering and desperately waiting for someone to love them. As a society we fight for so many things and if we're honest, a lot of those things don't actually matter at the end of the day. This blog, as silly as it is with all its talk of shoes and makeup, is ultimately founded on a belief that people matter. If we believe people matter then it is our business to make sure that the most vulnerable people in our world are being protected. This is why, regardless of whether or not you have any intention of adopting, the plight of orphans around the world is a responsibility that we should all take seriously. 

If you fall in the camp of people that are vehemently against International Adoption because "there are so many kids here without families" then I humbly ask two questions. First, have you adopted children out of foster care? If your answer is "no" then, and I say this in love, please don't be a hypocrite. If you have adopted children out of foster care and still feel that international adoption is wrong then I would ask what it is about your child that you feel makes them more deserving of love? Should someones right to life and love be based on a zip code, skin color or language? Yes, this is a crazy over simplification of a massive and complex problem and this is only one reason a lot of folks get all kinds of upset when discussing international adoption. However it is the reason I hear the most so I thought since I'm already going rogue and talking about non-shopping related things I'd address it. 

I imagine if you're still reading this post it means you aren't horribly offended and are interested in what you can do. Well first, If you live in the greater Los Angeles area you can join us Thursday March 28th to support STUCK, a documentary about the struggle of orphans across the globe and their families fight to bring them home. If you don't live in L.A you can visit the STUCK website to see when the film will be in your town. 

If you can't make it to the movie you can still participate in speaking up for Orphans. There is a simple petition on asking for our government to begin taking the plight of global orphans seriously by removing the unnecessary barriers that prevent children from being united with loving families. It honestly takes less than one minute. 

Thank you for reading and for being a voice for the voiceless. See you back here thursday!