Ethically made Cards for Valentines Day

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This year it is expected that Americans will spend 17 billion dollars on Valentines Day gifts and dinners. Let's make sure that this year fairly traded and ethically made gifts get a piece of that ridiculously large pie! There's something about the handmade nature of these Valentines Day cards that make them so much more lovely and special than the bulk cards you'll find at the grocery store. Although there are so many great cards to choose from we thought we'd focus in on two of our favorite companies. Here's a little bit more about them.

"Sanctuary Spring exclusively employs women who are escaping prostitution in the Philippines. Some were physically forced, some were tricked, some were forced into prostitution by the relentness of poverty. All of them want a new beginning, and your purchase of Sanctuary Spring cards sustains programs that assist them in their restoration process while also enabling them to provide food and education for their families."

"Cards from Africa is a part of a new generation of African businesses setting a trend in our divided world. We make high quality products, made in one of the poorest countries, available to the international market at competitive prices. In return, we offer well-paid employment to those who need it the most. Furthermore, our business model is to provide a stepping-stone for our staff to transition easily to another career or start their own business someday." 

I love the card I picked out for my husband, but I can't show you until he sees it of course! Which one is your favorite?

 p.s If you run out of time to order online you can find Sanctuary Spring cards at Ten Thousand Villages!

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