Signs of New Life in Haiti


3 years after the devasting earthquake in Haiti there is still so much to be done and the situation feels completely overwhelming. Disease, assault and lack of water still affect not only much of the country, but an enormous number of families who are STILL living in tent cities. Perhaps many of us have forgotten or feel paralyzed when looking at the enormity of the situation. The good news is there is hope for Haiti and there always will be. Today's post is dedicated to Haitian artisans who have decided to continue creating and dreaming of a better Haiti. We hope these signs of life not only inspire you but also challenge you to dream big with our Haitian brothers and sisters. If you are interested in helping Haiti re-build and don't see something you love above, we humbly suggest that you donate through World Vision, one of the largest and most socially and financially responsible relief organizations in the world. JUST. DO. SOMETHING.

1. The Hunger Site butterfly garden stake 2. Serrv statue of mother and child

3. Ten Thousand Villages Peace Dove 4. Fairtrade winds Recycled Oild Drum Butterfly

5. Ten Thousand Villages World Village Cross 6. Greenheart Shop Recycled Oil Drum Birds