Freedom Fighter: Nicole Marett of Radiant Cosmetics


For those of us who've never heard about Radiant tell us about your mission.
The mission behind Radiant is plain and simple, to end human trafficking. We do that in several ways but are dedicated to raising awareness, educating others and reaching victims and survivors through outreach, advocacy and aftercare efforts through our partner anti-trafficking organization, Redeemed.
Why you are so passionate about ending sex trafficking?
 I'm passionate about ending trafficking because I've seen it first hand. I had never heard of trafficking or even knew slavery still existed in our world about three years ago. I was blown away by the numbers and the fact that we have more slaves in the world right now than ever in human history. The more I read the more I was impacted. However, nothing could have prepared me for meeting so many of those 'statistics' face to face during my time in Thailand. Only to return home and realize they were in my own backyard. Trafficking is happening everywhere and it's only growing. Freedom is a basic human right and it's something we should stand up for. 
The idea of social entrepreneurship is a growing one. What made you choose makeup as a way to end slavery? Have you found it effective?
I went back and forth on whether I wanted to start a non-profit or for profit venture to help fight trafficking. What I ultimately landed on was a social enterprise, meaning we are for profit. I feel strongly about this because business has a big influence in our world. I don't think non-profits are the only ones who should be giving back. I wanted to choose it because my business sells items that women would normally purchase, but by making a switch to my company they get to make a difference. I think it's effective and the vision really resonates with people. Another thing I love about being a business is that giving hurts a little. I think it should. I donate 20% of profits and some months I think of all the other places I could allocate those resources, I could spend more on advertising, events etc. Instead I get to hand it over to our partner non-profit and see it promote change. It's an awesome way for me to really be affected by my vision, to be more people focused and not so engrossed in profits.
Tell us about the kiss Slavery Goodbye campaign.
January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and we wanted a way to get involved and raise more awareness as many other anti-trafficking organizations and efforts really rally together throughout this month.
This year, we decided to focus more on giving back. Kiss Slavery Goodbye is a Lipstick Campaign and really a simple way for women to get involved in the fight to end trafficking. With every lipstick purchase during the month of January we'll donate another lipstick to a survivor or current victim of human trafficking. It serves as a really tangible way to reach these women and show them they are loved and worth fighting for.
Where do you see the anti-trafficking movement in 10 years?
I see the anti-trafficking movement growing in huge numbers, just in the past three years I've been involved, awareness has grown. Three years ago most people didn't know the word 'trafficking' and I'd get lots of puzzled looks when I explained that slavery still existed. Ten years from now, my hope, is that we've made huge steps toward eradicating slavery and that there are far more resources available. I think we'll see more shelters and people willing to help. 
What's your favorite makeup trend this season?
Bold lips! They're everywhere and I love it. I was never a lipstick girl but tried out the trend and now I love it. It's a great way to add some color to your makeup routine and anyone can wear a bold lip.
Thanks Nicole!
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