Road Trip Essentials: comfy shoes, big bag & the Miami Sound Machine

20121007_Road Trip_01

20121007_Road Trip_01

The Holiday are here and for many of us that means we are preparing for the iconic family road trip! I love road trips. Some of the greatest memories I have of my childhood vacations are being scrunched in the backseat of our mazda minivan, listening to "Gloria Estefan's greatest hits" (my dads road trip music of choice) and singing with my sisters. Nowadays I enjoy road trips with my man. Its always somewhere between here-and-there that we find ourselves having some of our most meaningful conversations. If I could have things my way I would take road trips on a sort of traveling bed while wearing sweatpants and slippers. However since this is neither sane nor possible, an outfit like the one above could work as well.

 Patagonia Better Sweater Coat, People Tree Oversize Tee, I've had my eye on these Reuse Jeans Military Pants for quite a while, Kathryn Bentley Cuff, this United By Blue Saddleback Tote looks like the perfect road trip catch all, TOMS Womens Desert Wedges - stylish comfort

Where are you road tripping this year?

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