Let's Trade: Moisturizer


The cooler, windy weather has been very welcome after what felt like an ultra-hot, ultra-long summer. However with the change in weather comes a change in skin care. During the summer I opt for lighter lotions and moisturizers. During the winter my skin tends to get very dry and chapped if I'm not careful. For me, a nighttime moisturizer is an essential part of my winter beauty routine. I traded in my cheap drugstore moisturizer for a more natural, fair trade version and so far I am pleased with the results. 

The best part about the trade

This Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex moisturizer is simply a better product. My skin feels and looks much more moisturized. The skin around my mouth gets extra dry and blotchy in cold weather but after a week of using the Acure moisturizer that problem completely went away. I also like that Acure products are organic and contain high quality natural ingredients so I know I'm not slathering chemicals all over my face!

The hardest part about the trade

This fair trade option costs almost 3x's as much as the cheap drugstore version I had been using. However, the drugstore brand really wasn't doing anything to combat dryness and I wasn't happy with the results. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is true in this case. compared to other higher quality creams the Acure moisturizer is actually a really great price.

quick tip: Make sure to apply moisturizer to your neck as well as this often neglected area is prone to dryness and wrinkles as well!

You can find Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex on the Acure website and at most Whole Foods Markets.