the perfect outfit for the perfect birthday present...that didn't happen


One fun part of living in a big city is that almost every band will make a stop there at some point. The not so fun part? Competing with 10 million other people for tickets to see the same band...and then not getting the tickets...and then, hypothetically speaking, not having any other plans or ideas for your husbands birthday coming up in less than two weeks...and then winning the worst wife ever award because instead of wearing the cute outfit above, you are now in sweatpants...and your party plans just became ordering pizza and renting a movie...because you couldn't get movie tickets either...because you were competing with all the people who couldn't get tickets to see that band you wanted to see and went to a movie instead...and as your weary, presentless hand reaches out for your third piece of pizza you shed a single tear and whisper...I would've looked so cute in that outfit...oh and happy birthday.

Get this look without the drama: Bajalia horn tear drop earrings & black and gold resin bracelet, People Tree silk confetti top & Pencil Skirt , Radiant Lipstick in Charlotte, absolutely loving these Rachel Comey Black Clogs , O My Bag Sleazy Jane Purse (a girl can dream) 

What's the best birthday present you've ever received? What was the worst?


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