Halloween Candy



Greetings from the Grinch of Halloween. Did you know that last year Americans spent $2.3 billion on Halloween CANDY? So crazy! This year, make your dollar count and grab chocolate and sugar that is fair trade certified! Buying fair trade candy not only lets kids here have a good night, but it gives more options to families and kids who would otherwise be working as slaves in dangerous conditions. Below are some very delicious certified fair trade candy options that any kid would be happy to get at your door. Most of them I could only find online, so order today!!

1. Mama-ganache pumpkin, witch and bat - very cute, they also have less expensive bulk options.

2. Fair Trade Kit Kat - not all kit kats are fair trade, look for the symbol in the corner. I haven't seen them in any stores this year so if you find them let us know!

3. The Jelly Bean factory- offers some flavors made with fair trade sugar. Based in the UK.

4. Glee gum- i bought some of these the other day, so yummy! They have mini packs on their website that are very affordable and perfect for handing out.

5. Divine Chocolate- please aquaint yourself with this company. I am obsessed. The quality is amazing.

6. trade as one mummy bag- this little guy turns into the perfect reusable candy collecting bag. Cute!

I will be posting these and other Halloween goodies on pinterest. Check it out for more ideas!