Handmade Halloween

20121007_Handmade Halloween_01

I am the grinch of Halloween. Intentionally scaring myself? No thank you. Giving kids insane amounts of sugar? Bah humbug. However, there are two things I do enjoy about Halloween. First, the 'accidental' surplus of candy (who knew you'd only have 5 kids come to the door?!) and secondly, kids in costumes. Adorable and hilarious. Plus, with great DIY tutorials and shops that allow crafty ladies to showcase their talent, we have access to cute, handmade and thoughtful costumes for the munchkins. There are SO many great costumes, but these are some of my favorites. 

DIY: you and mie TOTORO (i'm obsessed!) , martha stewart's ROSE GARDEN

BUY: wish design studio's ALICE, the wishing elephant's SUSHI, unique kidz OWLS, pip and bean SUPERHERO 

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We want to see how you made this years Halloween costume fair and thoughtful! Send us a picture by email or Instagram @letsbefair.




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