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Hello There!

We are so happy to welcome you to Let's Be Fair. The goal of our blog is simple and can really be summed up in one word: THOUGHTFUL. We believe that simply being thoughtful about the things we buy not only changes how we spend money but the impact we have on our world.

We believe there is a connection between the shopper, the supplier and the producer and that by purchasing thoughtful products we can help others not only live, but flourish. We will explore products that promote community development, products that allow people to rise out of poverty through recieving a fair wage and products that give back in an effort to create a more equitable world. Our primary focus is on how the things we buy affect the people involved in the process of creating the things we buy. We believe that people are the Earths most valuable, irreplaceable and precious resource and that all people are deserving of good health, safety, and dignity.

We also think that thoughtful shopping can be stylish, affordable and lots of fun!We will feature a variety of fashion, beauty and lifestyle items along with articles on how to incorporate thoughtfulness into every area of our life.

We aren't experts, this is new to us too! We value your voice and want to hear all about the discoveries you make on your journey toward a more thoughtful way of living.

Here's to the journey!

Best, Dominique