I'm Jacqui, and I'm a communications specialist at Intuit with a weakness for silk crepe and vintage rattan furniture. I spent a lot of time in school, and a little time teaching it. Both of those experiences taught me the importance of learning-by-doing – which is really what this blog is all about.

I’ve been interested in ethical, socially responsible fashion since college, and I’ve been shopping at thrift stores and refashioning hand-me-downs since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to design and sew my own clothing and further explore the fair trade, sustainable fashion movement.

In spite of having a decent sense of style, I’m still pretty nerdy.  I don’t always look amazing, I can’t own anything nice without spilling coffee on it, and I once arrived to teach high school with my shirt on inside out. But I love fashion, and I respect the people and natural resources that make fashion possible. And I believe that designers, artisans, and the environment deserve to be treated fairly in every stage of the process. In my own small way, I hope to empower the people out there who share my philosophy – namely, that looking good doesn’t have to come with such a high social and environmental price tag.

I live in Redwood City, CA, with my tie-loving husband, from whom I glean fashion advice regularly. To get in touch, shoot me an email at JPalhegyi at gmail dot com, or fill out the form below.

Update: As you may have read, I have a baby now! Which is wonderful, but also very time consuming. Apologies in advance if I am slow to respond or don't get back to you at all. Nothing personal, just trying to prioritize :)

In Paris wearing my Colette Laurel dress

In Paris wearing my Colette Laurel dress


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